Predicting Work Team Performance


Predicting work team performance is big business – can you do it?

A recent Gallup report shows that work team performance is influenced significantly by the engagement level and culture of the team.  The study attempted to quantify individual and group characteristics in order to predict work team performance.  In a massive meta-analysis, the study included over 82,000 teams in 230 organizations and over 1.8 million employees.

Such a large sample size allowed the researchers to drill down on individual characteristics in a “Moneyball” type analysis.  The research found that aspects of workplace culture identified as employee engagement led to a four times greater chance of success over teams that were less engaged.  Employee engagement was measured by a self-report survey that according to Gallop included, “role clarity, having an opportunity to do what you do best, opportunities to develop, opinions counting, strong coworker relationships, and a common mission or purpose.”

The research is particularly important to businesses because it shows that organizational culture and engagement has a direct effect on work team performance and the business’s bottom line.  In addition, the research is significant because it shows the motivational power of autonomy, relatedness, competence – the three areas of intrinsic motivation identified in Self-Determination Theory.  The study also shows the importance of developing individual and team emotional intelligence in order to form more cohesive, intuitive, and respectful team relationships.

Let TierOne Performance Consulting help your organization develop the team culture and engagement that drives performance and profits.  Whether it is measuring your organizational engagement, conducting a cultural assessment, developing intrinsic motivational measures for your work team, or conducting emotional intelligence training, TierOne can help you accomplish your goals.

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