Elite Performance Psychology – Optimizing Performance Through Self-Awareness

Elite performance psychology

Elite performance psychology is about developing the mental skills needed to play at the next level.

Elite performance psychology is about optimizing performance through cognitive mind training and emotional regulation.  This training develops focus, improves decision making, improves reaction times, and develops poise and mental toughness.  The foundational competency of elite performance psychology is having a mastery of self-awareness.

This sounds like a simple skill, but it is surprising how many elite-level athletes lack self-awareness.  This lack of self-awareness can lead to less than optimal performance and emotional meltdown.  Elite performance psychology training can develop self-awareness.  Self-awareness has components of both cognitive awareness (knowing what you are thinking) and body awareness (knowing how your body is feeling).

Elite performance psychology at TierOne Performance Consulting optimizes each component of self-awareness to strengthen the mental aspect of sport that makes the difference at the elite level.  Cognitive self-awareness helps athletes know when they are not present moment focused, in other words, when their mind is wandering away from the performance task required in that moment of the game or practice.  Cognitive self-awareness also helps athletes know when they are conducting negative self-talk that erodes confidence and produces behavior that is counter performance focused.  Negative self-talk often leads to emotional responses that reduce poise and the mental toughness needed to endure in difficult performance situations.  These emotional response indicators are usually first manifested physiologically.

Elite performance psychology at TierOne Performance Consulting helps athletes develop body awareness to recognize the physiological effects of negative self-talk and high-performance time-sensitive stress. Heart rate, breathing, and tightness are good initial indicators of mental red-lining.  Noticing the fluidity of your movement and your eye movement is another way your body tells you that stress has hijacked your performance.  Learning how to control and self-regulate your cognitive and physiological states is a must to perform at the highest levels.  Elite performance psychology at TierOne Performance Consulting can help you learn the skills to perform on the biggest stages.

There is a reason why elite athletes and high-performing executives have personal coaches.  It takes expertise to assess performance strengths and weaknesses and develop evidence-based training to optimize performance at all levels.  Develop your cognitive skills, decision making, and poise under pressure with the TierOne Performance Consulting team or at the TierOne Performance Institute.  We offer state-of-the-art individual and program-based training to optimize elite athletic performance and executive coaching.  Also, checkout this YouTube clip on improving poise and mental toughness through distress tolerance training.

Remember – Put your mind on what matters.

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