NFL Combine Preparation – The Mental Advantage

ANT collage

A lot of money and effort goes into NFL combine preparation, but most programs don’t train the area that has the greatest potential for the largest performance growth…performance mind training.  De’Quan Hampton at the EVO combine training camp.

NFL combine preparation is all about getting bigger, stronger, and faster.  Squeezing out that tenth of a second that shows you belong at the elite level of play.  What if that tenth to three-tenths of a second wasn’t only found on the track and in the gym, but could also be reliably trained using cognitive training tools that increased reaction time and decision making on the field and gave the combine athlete the mental advantage over his competition.  Right now, most combine camps leave mental development to chance, that all changed last week at the EVO Sports Training Combine Camp.

This year, TierOne Performance Consulting teamed up with Gary Cablayan and the trainers at EVO Sports Training to integrate performance mind training with traditional NFL combine preparation.  The comprehensive program ensures that the athletes have optimized performance at the mental and physical level, giving them the greatest opportunity for success at the combine or Pro-Day.

The training revealed some startling performance results.  Former USC receiver De’Quan Hampton showed exceptional capacity on the modified Attentional Network Test (ANT).  The ANT measures all aspects of the cognitive attentional network that drives reaction time and decision-making on the field.  Hampton scored in the 92 percentile, scientifically showing that while he is already fast and a great receiver, he is able to process information on the field and make accurate decisions faster than 92% of his competitors.  Research has shown that performance mind training can improve reaction time and decision making by one to three-tenths of a second, this increased processing speed translates into one to three yards of gained ground on the field.  Think of all the plays during a game that are decided by less than a yard.  Why wouldn’t you train this performance measure in your athletes, especially during NFL combine preparation?

TierOne Performance Consulting helps elite athletes improve cognitive processing, poise, command presence, and decision making in time sensitive high-stress game situations.  Learning how to control and self-regulate your cognitive and physiological states is a must to perform at the highest levels.  Elite performance psychology at TierOne Performance Consulting can help you learn the skills to perform on the biggest stages.

There is a reason why elite athletes and high-performing executives have personal coaches.  It takes expertise to assess performance strengths and weaknesses and develop evidence-based training to optimize performance at all levels.  Develop your cognitive skills, decision making, and poise under pressure with the TierOne Performance Consulting team or at the TierOne Performance Institute.  We offer state-of-the-art individual and program-based training to optimize elite athletic performance and executive coaching.  Also, checkout this YouTube clip on improving poise and mental toughness through distress tolerance training.

Remember – Put your mind on what matters.

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