Elite Quarterback Development – The Virtual Reality Difference

elite quarterback development

Rice University QB crushing the TierOne VR training system.

“They take this VR training to a whole new level, it is awesome.” – Quarterback, Rice University

Elite quarterback development is not just about throwing mechanics and whiteboard drills.  Virtual reality (VR) trainers can be game-changing technology for the aspiring elite quarterback.  To make VR worthwhile, there needs to be a progressive training system that is optimized with evidence-based cognitive processing tools.  TierOne Performance is the industry leader in developing elite quarterback performance using VR technology and cognitive performance tools.  The proprietary TierOne method immerses the QB in a functionally equivalent physical environment while establishing measurable standards for each performance task.  There is simply no other program as advanced that trains the full QB system (physical, mental, QB IQ, and game-time performance tasks).

This summer, TierOne developed VR- Situational Evaluation and Training Systems (VR-SETS) for Stanford and Rice University football programs.  The system trains playbook specific performance tasks while optimizing QB reaction time, focus, and decision-making in a time-sensitive dynamic environment.  The system enables QBs to learn the playbook more quickly than in the past and with higher fidelity.  The end result is improved on-field play and fine-tuning elite quarterback development.

There is a reason why elite athletes and high-performing executives have personal coaches.  It takes expertise to assess performance strengths and weaknesses and develop evidence-based training to optimize performance at all levels.  Develop your cognitive skills, decision making, and poise under pressure with the TierOne Performance Consulting team or at the TierOne Performance Institute.  We offer state-of-the-art individual and program-based training to optimize elite athletic performance and executive coaching.  Also, checkout this YouTube clip on improving poise and mental toughness through distress tolerance training.

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