Elite Performance – Coaches Boot Camp

Elite Performance

Dr. Dutch of TierOne Performance Consulting presenting poise and mental toughness training to a packed house at the WIAA Coaches School

Last week, TierOne Performance Consulting was at the 2018 WIAA Coaches School in Yakima, Washington.  TierOne’s Chief Performance Officer, Dr. Dutch, presented two elite performance classes to packed audiences.  The first class showed the coaches how to install a mental rehearsal program with their athletes to improve task performance and confidence.  The second class helped the coaches create a program to develop poise and mental toughness with their athletes.  The classes we organized as workshops, allowing the coaches to leave the hour-long session with a workable product to implement with their program on day-one.

Dr. Dutch also announced the launch of a new series of courses offered at the TierOne Performance Institute.  The series is call the Coaching Boot Camp and is designed to allow coaches to package different classes based on their need and interests.  These elite performance courses help coaches take their skills to the next-level.  Classes include subjects like systems-based coaching, developing team leaders, and establishing a values-based culture of excellence.  The thing that sets these classes apart from other coaching courses, is that coaches will use evidence-based methods to develop the implementation plan during the course with the help of peers and personal assistance from TierOne and Dr. Dutch.  The announcement of the new elite performance coaching classes was met with enthusiasm and over 40 coaches signing up to get more information about the new opportunities to hone their coaching skills.

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